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Fellow Travelers etc.
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Author:  jkade [ 28 Nov 2013 00:49 ]
Post subject:  Fellow Travelers etc.

Hey, uh, so, uh, is there anybody out there? I'm kinda surprised that there's been no activity here at all despite a pretty awesome video, a new single, a radio session, and, um, a new album.

I really like Fellow Travelers. It may not be a new original album, but I expect to be listening to these songs well after the next "real" album comes out. I'm a bit bummed that it's gotten such middling reviews, but I'm heartened that none of the critics seem to agree on which tracks are good or bad - every track on the album, it seems, has been mentioned as a notable success or an awful failure.

Author:  siro [ 28 Nov 2013 18:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellow Travelers etc.

The board isn't mentioned on the website anymore so no surprise that it's getting quieter.

I have yet to get the album because it's coming out today in europe and the stream on NPR seemed to be broken (at least for some tracks). Downloading on itunes now. :)

EDIT: Just realized that the stream wasn't broken. The first song is really only 52 seconds long. =-o

Author:  jkade [ 08 Dec 2013 07:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellow Travelers etc.

It's linked on the website, but just from the social icons area. I think people have moved to Facebook, mostly. But the conversation there isn't nearly as interesting as it used to be here.

Author:  siro [ 11 Dec 2013 10:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellow Travelers etc.

There actually is a link. =-o I thought it was some social website I don't use. I haven't used facebook in years and think it's sad that everything is moving there but a board for one band is probably too hard to maintain.

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