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JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?
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Author:  jkade [ 10 Feb 2012 01:22 ]
Post subject:  JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?
Here's the thing, though: if I were the government of Iran, running an unpopular, rigid, brutal, and hopefully brittle theocracy established in the wake of one of the 20th century's creepiest and canniest men, I would most definitely want a nuclear bomb. It seems like the best way to ensure that no one invades you. Since North Korea developed their reactor, we've been sending them food, oil, and money to keep them from using it very often, but never to the point where they actually dismantle the thing. Gaddafi bargained away his nuclear ambitions in exchange for the lifting of sanctions -- and look what happened to him. Nukes seem to be the perfect -- maybe the only -- failsafe insurance policy for regimes that no one really likes. So it seems pretty certain that Iran's going to keep trying to get one. I think everybody knows this.

So why, I keep wondering, are we being told again and again that this must not happen, if it's also an open secret that it is going to happen? What are we afraid the Iranian government might do with this bomb, once they build it? Use it? Use of a nuclear weapon is still the world's greatest taboo, sure to make you everyone's public enemy no. 1. It's hard to see how that would help them. And they do, if nothing else, seem very pragmatic.

Not a fan of the HuffPo, but impressive and pragmatic argument there. What an endlessly surprising guy this JM is.

Author:  Cedric [ 14 Feb 2012 02:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?

Interesting article, thanks jkade! I always love hearing JM speak or write. It's hard to disagree when he speaks.

I really love this line: "Isn't that playground stuff? Shouldn't we have outgrown that by now?"
I've sort of gotten the feeling that Iran is doing this just to piss off America. The idea that a radically different nation chooses to defy our sanctions almost seems blatant mockery, although it's truly a reasonable desire for a nation to want security, especially one that is so famously militarized. Of course, this is probably not the case, but it's funny to think of seeing how badly it's bunched our panties.

The sad part of this is that it is much more serious. No one needs more bombs. But even if Iran is pursuing them with their nuclear prowess or not, I too feel that the US is leading our people into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The situation is so (purposely) cloudy that we will likely not know before we react. I can bet we will invade or attack "preemptively." And it's a no-brainer with how deeply we have our hands in the collective skivvies of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the figurative gold-mine of both securing the oil fields and removing a troublesome regime simultaneously that seems irresistible to US/Israel.

Author:  priceyeah [ 25 Feb 2012 15:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?

Thanks, JM, for that wonderful bit of commentary. Appropriate to begin with the disclaimer about musicians pining in about politics, but in the end the content either stands or fails on its own merits, regardless of the speaker, and that post was outstanding.

I'd like to point out something that has very much gotten lost in the recent discussions about Iran. If you were to tune in sort of halfway, as most people do, you'd have the impression that Iran has a nuclear program, are paying scientists to develop a weapon, has facilities, and so forth. Based on information of this type, one would reasonably think that Iran is perhaps a year away from having a nuclear weapon. I read recently a quite astounding fact: apparently according to the most reliable Western intelligence, the best guess is that Iran has not yet made a decision whether to pursue nuclear weapons or not.

I'll say that again: according to the best intelligence, the most likely current status is that Iran is in the stage where they have not yet made a decision about whether or not to set up a nuclear weapons program.

That's something to keep in mind when we talk about the crazy mullahs and the intolerable threat Iran poses to Israel. They haven't started building a weapon yet.

Author:  Cedric [ 25 Feb 2012 16:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?

priceyeah wrote:
...whether or not to set up a nuclear weapon...

But they could!!!

These 9 words are 'enough reason to bomb Iran preemptively' in the eyes of some politicians. That's what is terrifying. And, I see what JM said unfolding day by day. There are a few relatively sane politicians out there who are being more sensitive with the subject. Even the secretary of defense stated publicly what you stated twice. So, there is hope, methinks.

Author:  priceyeah [ 26 Feb 2012 00:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: JM on HuffPo: What if Iran gets the bomb?

Oh, thanks for posting that -- I knew I had seen it somewhere, I just couldn't remember where.

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