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Darwin and Wonder
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Author:  megmagdah [ 08 Feb 2009 07:27 ]
Post subject:  Darwin and Wonder

What a lovely way to wake up! Today Speaking of Faith is about Evolution and Wonder. Thought some of you would be interested in listening:

Author:  jdc4 [ 13 Feb 2009 14:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Darwin and Wonder

Thank you for posting this--if/when I teach evolution again I will assign this to the students. Typically, I have some proportion of students that regard Darwin with fear and misunderstanding. I think the show does an excellent job of contextualizing his work and his own struggle and belief and I especially appreciate Dr. Moore's suggestion that students in doubt read the actual text of The Origin of Species.

Of course the show is fundamentally about the human (and spirituality) but it is interesting to me that both Dr. Moore and Tippett are still locked the concept of a directional tree of life (with higher and lower organisms) which Darwin's work actually demolished. Darwin himself still writes in terms of "higher" and "lower" organisms, as a result, I believe, of his historical context. Accurate evolutionary understanding recognizes that terms like higher and lower , as well as more evolved and less evolved as descriptors of organisms are inaccurate, misleading and erroneous.

One example of this, of course, is when Dr. Moore mentioned that Darwin "even respect plants," talking and petting them "as if they were alive." Aren't they?

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