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 Things to do in Austin and Bats 
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I went to Austin Thursday for the show, which was amazing, but I already posted about that in Shearwater category. I spent Friday walking around South Congress and my friend drove me around downtown on a mini tour. She seemed to have a hard time finding stuff for us to do because apparently she hangs out at home a lot. I would like to go down there again and explore the area on my own. I have already seen the Capitol, the LBJ library, and the Lady Bird wild flower center. I don't really want to see that type of thing. What other cool things are there to do in Austin? I assume (maybe wrongly) that a lot of Austinites frequent this board, so any suggestions would be great. I went to the Magnolia dinner and to Jo's, what are some other good places to eat? I'm a vegetarian and I will most likely be by myself, so it would be great if they had something I could eat (though my friend told me most restaurants offer veg friendly options) and I wouldn't feel awkward all on my lonesome (well at least not more awkward than I will probably already feel). I also went to Jimmy Johns, but we have several JJ's here, so I'm looking for something more specific to Austin.

My second question has to do with the river and seeing the bats. First off, I did go and see them (even though I had done that before, not something you could really ever get sick of as a visitor - or at least I couldn't). When I was waiting for the bats to come out, I saw this amazing bird (well several actually). It looked charcoal grey and was rather large. I know I could just look it up on Google, Cornell lab, or birds of n. America, but if any natives (or anyone else for that matter) know what it was, I would appreciate it. I've seen several cool birds recently around my area (Dallas) and have been completely captivated by them. There was a Black Vulture in the old part of my town (I live in a small suburb), who was very interested in a dead dog in the road. It was at least as tall as the top of my knees and it was about a foot or two away from my car. When a car would pass it, it would just walk over to the sidewalk, wait for it to pass, and go back to staring at the dog. Another amazing bird I saw a few months back was a Mississippi Kite in the field right off the side of the ramp from I-20 to I-45. Hence my member name. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. I will never forget the intense stare from it round jet black eyes.

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Well, my best friend and I always eat at this vegan/vegetarian cafe over near south first called Bouldin Creek.
Here's the website.

And also this Korean place on 7th next to the Beauty Bar called Koriente is a very delicious and vegetarian/vegan friendly place you can eat alone without it being weird.
Here's the website.

There's a bunch, but those are our favorites.

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01 Jun 2008 15:16

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Thanks for those suggestions. I will definitely check them out next time I'm down there. Hopefully it won't take me as long to get back there as it did this time (9 years). It's such a cool place and since it is only three hours away, it's a great vacation spot, espcially with my limited time and extremely packed schedule. I am going to try to plan my next trip a little bit more, i.e. look up more shops and maybe get a map, but the city seems pretty easy to navigate.

It seems easier to find veggie friendly options down there than up here. Of course right now I'm in cow town, so really what can you expect.

03 Jun 2008 09:16
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