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 Shearwater + Xiu Xiu = Blue Water, White Death 
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I think mine is at my house. It sucks not having a turntable (or roommate who listens to vinyl) up here at college.
Ryan Graveface always sticks really neat stuff in his packages (this time of year it's all halloween related), and is just a really cool guy. Ordering from him is always easy, and his packages are always topnotch.
Case in point:
The Appleseed Cast vinyl reissues (Mare Vitalis, Low Level Owl (a 3LP!), and Two Conversations) have great packaging (especially LLO) and are on really nice colored vinyl.

You might have noticed I love Graveface.


25 Oct 2010 16:31
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Bazooka gum in mine! Now there's a treat I haven't had in years. Rock-hard, too, just like I remember it.

26 Oct 2010 06:02
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I'm always a little leery of putting bazooka gum anywhere near my mouth, but it was neat to get some. The puzzle pieces make the puzzle-putter-togetherer part of me twitch; what does it look like? The random page of what looks like a movie-book was pretty intriguing, too.

The album, though ... in the words of many, many homebodies: haters gon' hate. I think it's fantastic. I'm unfamiliar with Xiu Xiu, but I trust JM to come up with good things (and take part in good things), and I don't feel let down in the least.

...Rendering of the Juggalos - a few of the titles are strange, but this one makes me laugh. Mainly because there's a house I see on my way to work that has - I'm not even kidding - about a dozen little stencil-and-spray-paint renderings of the little ICP guy with the axe, all over the place in various colors. As well as the fence. And a few cars. It's hard not to imagine the place bursting into flame, and well ... never mind. The song title makes me snicker, but the album does not because it is gorgeous.

01 Nov 2010 05:49
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I wonder where my vinyl is - I must have ordered around the same time as everyone else. Anyway, it's definitely an interesting album. Not something I can see myself listening to on a regular basis, but when the mood strikes me and I feel like a departure from the usual.

01 Nov 2010 05:54
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I've only given it two listens so far, but I'm liking it a whole lot. In that recent interview with Jonathan he talked about how Jamie had tried to do a folk thing when he opened up for Shearwater a couple years ago and it didn't work. Well it looks like they found a way to make it work -- I absolutely love how on the one hand they've got all these sounds and on the other it still remains sparse. Also, their relatively similar voices allow a much smoother transition between songs than the voices of Meiburg and Sheff on the early Shearwater albums. I haven't actually listened to the lyrics yet; to me this is a sounds album anyway.


01 Nov 2010 09:32

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Here's my review of Blue Water, White Death: A shorter version of the review will appear in the next issue of Under the Radar magazine.

03 Nov 2010 04:44
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