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 winged life lyrics 
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I don't have any of the lyrics for this album [haven't bought it yet] so I was wondering if the lyrics will be put up on the website anytime soon? cause I reaaallly want them. especially the lyric of the song "my good deed".

06 Nov 2004 12:05

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yea, me too! I started working on the lyrics .. but as you can see there's still alot missing/wrong:

Shearwater – My good deed

I tried to save a girl I truly loved and didn’t quite know how to help her
So now she’s sleeping as the parrots up above cried everythings so they can tell her
And when I did my good deed I thought I’d feel a broken gladness
But standing in the street alone I just felt sinking sadness

Girl you died will know us bliss
So hang up your veil and dress
Look at me and take one guess
Where this best intention love will lead us

I once felt a feeling fully through though I knew I shouldn’t feel it
Because to act on it I’d be a person who should be slapped into a strip jacket
So every time it comes around I just let it die inside me
You said I only come around because I just need you to hide me

So we knelt in rusted weeds
Sticks and sharp rocks cutting into our knees
And I thought that we would freeze
But there was just too much more blood in our bodies

I’m not gonna make you take the pills though you should really think about it
The fire by which we both were almost killed glows so beautiful don’t doubt it
But we have to make a choice now can we glow (or go?) without it

There’s a space I tried to fill
But I’m scared now I never will
You fly around while I stand still
Till I slowly just get smaller and smaller

I tried to save a girl I truly loved and I never would desert her
And we both found out that I was dreaming of the day I thoroughly could hurt her
When I saw myself inside her eyes a shrinking would be savior
Resented her for never needing help and couldn’t wait just to betray her

So we drove back to her place
From this temporary home that we had made
I stepped back into my street
Feeling a fool as though my life has slowly shrunk away from me

With my good deed
With my good deed
With my good deed
Come on

28 Oct 2005 10:32
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I scanned the booklet a while ago.
Here's the link:

so long

29 Oct 2005 08:58
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Thanks!!! :D

29 Oct 2005 15:50
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Um... perhaps you could buy it??


29 Oct 2005 22:13

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I usually do! It's just that i find it the only song i really like on the whole cd.. my way is usually: listening it online and when i like the cd i buy it at a concert, for the artist to get most out of the money..

30 Oct 2005 04:25
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